Franchise Meet will ensure its reach to small and medium business owner or prospective business owner to attend the show. Specially designed promotional campaign will be done to penetrate deep within cities, thereby, attracting visitors, who, in all respect are potential business buyers and are the most qualified for any business opportunity, may it be in terms of investment, property or specialized skills and who cannot be addressed by any other medium.

What we offer?

Pre Event

Propose the right brand mix.

Establish Brand liaison

Seek interest of brand on franchise basis

Understand franchise selection criteria

During the show

Extend expertise in franchise selectio

Extend expertise in franchise selection

Counsel & matchmaking for visitors

Financing support for franchisees


finding Franchising made easy

Brands are realizing that the Tier II & Tier III cities give a vast potential to any business, products and services, at same time it's difficult to reach out to every customer as it requires strong network. One of the most effective networks for expanding and reaching out customers is through Franchise outlets.