Though the B & C cities give a vast potential to any business, product and service, at same time it's difficult to reach out to every customer because it requires a strong network. The network could be that of franchisees, dealers, distributors, C&Fs, stockist, Insurance Advisors or Retailers. This entire community becomes business partner for the parent company to give them a local reach. Keeping in mind the size of the country, penetration to small cities and towns for a company planning nationwide expansion turns out to be highly expensive and at the same time a lengthy effort. Franchise Meet can come as a solution to this by offering not only a cost effective medium but also time-bound development.

Benefits for mall developers

Traditionally a mall developer would concentrate his entire focus on leasing the mall by networking with the brand. Here in franchise meet steps in as a ideal solution where the developer can network with the brand interested in your city and at the same time liase with a local investor who would ultimately be the brand associate in the mall.